an example of a presence that can be taken on the streets

This Prezi is a summary of the ideas from this site. And here is a you tube presentation of the ideas in this site.

Here is a Street School Economics Handout which also summarises ideas – feel free to print and distribute!

Here’s a  Sticker sheet for printing on 3×8 A4 label sheets.

How we run a Street School

a picture of a structure containing signs about economics

An example of a presence that can be taken on the streets

1. Create some kind of “art presence” that will catch the eye. We’ve just decorated a marketing stand we had, but you could use other structures.

The presence has contained words which might reflect the kinds of ideas, queries and blockages that a person may have in their mind already, for example:

“Why not let the banks go bankrupt?”

or “I’d rather keep my head in the sand”

or “We can deal with debt by giving everyone some money”

See the list we used: Lamentation and Laminations. We also included some choice quotes from neo-liberal economists: neo-lib quotes

2. Let people browse and if they want a conversation you can ask what they know about economics… What is the one thing you’d like them to take away? For me it is that this economy has been chosen and there are different types available…

3. You can have a table with “mini lessons” on – we laminated the pages from the Prezi above. We had leaflets (as above) to hand out and you could also include leaflets from relevant campaigns or local initiatives. You could collect names to run a café economique where you invite a speaker or have a follow up discussion…


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